Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Vacation, Naomi arrives and school starts

Becca and Naomi Spotting Whales in the Puget Sound

never seen a sign like this before!!!
Wow....what a tree!!!!

Joe's dream....we have arrived!

Greeting Naomi at the airport
We were driving into the parking lot as her plane arrived. We saw it fly over our car. No....we were not late. it was about 15 minutes early!!!

We have had a busy couple of weeks. First of all, Becca and I spent a week at girls camp and Joe and Michael spent the same week at scout camp and Jacob spent that same week in California at football camp. We all got home on Saturday, August 1st and Naomi, our exchange daughter from Switzerland, arrived on that day. If that wasn't enough, on that same day we took off for the Giant Sequioa Forest in California and my Families homes in Washington State and we took a week for all of that traveling! We are home now. The kids are all registered for school and ready to start tomorrow. Naomi is a little nervous. Jacob and Becca are just excited and so is Michael. He is going to be in Jr High this year and is starting out with football practice on the first day of school. Everyone is ready to go. I will like having the regular scheduled days back in our lives and my classes start on August 24th. We are all just loving life!!!!!

We miss Adam, Janna and Brookelyn. It has been a whole month since I have seen that sweet little baby!!!! And we are missing Curtis and Becca Starfox. We will see her sooner than Curtis!

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  1. We miss you so much too, It's been way too long! Looks like you guys had fun!! Can't wait to meet Naomi. Love you guys!


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