Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lee and Mattie are Getting Married

It is official. Lee and Mattie are getting Married. The wedding date is June 20th, 2009. The wedding is going to be in California on the beach. It is going to be so very pretty!!! I am so happy to have Mattie as a part of our family. We have had the opportunity to spend much time iwth her while Lee was away in Iraq and she has become a part of our family already and I have grown to love her so much! She is a beautiful lady inside and out and I am proud to have her as my daughter.

We had everyone over for a bbq and had a great time just hanging out and making wedding plans.......

Becca Went to Prom

Becca went to prom with her friend Joey and they had a wonderful time. She said it was the best dance she had been to and was so happy to go. She looked beautiful that night and I am sure it will be and I am sure it will be a night to remember here in America. Of course during picutes we all had to have our photo op with her!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Day After

After an emotional night at Camp Pendleton.... we drove to Anaheim where we had a motel and woke up the next morning and spent the entire day at Six Flags with Lee!!! It was fabulous to spend an entire day with him after he had been gone for so many months. Everyone had a great time.

I can not put into words!!!

I can not put into words or express the joy I felt that night as I saw my son. The emotions of being there and knowing that he was back home and we could see him and talk to him are beyond conveyance.

Brothers gotta hug!!!!

Lee is Home!!

We traveled to Camp Pendelton on Tuesday, April 14th to Welcome Lee home and it was wonderful!! WE left from Adam and Jannas house after spending Monday night with them. They are always so good about letting us have a place to stay when we need one. It made our trip to San Diego so much nicer by being able to split up our driving time from Show Low. When we arrived in San Diego, we went shopping for a prom dress for Becca/ We were there little early so we took advantage of our time. I am sure she was the only one at prom with a dress from California!!! We got on base at Camp Pendleton about 7pm that night and I was so worried that we were going to miss Lee because Mattie had texted me and told me that the plan landed around 5:30, but we were far from missing him. We did not actually get to see him until late that night. WE all hung out just waiting for our family to come home and be with us. It seemed like an eternity and it was freezing outside, but once they announced that the busses were pulling on base and would be there any minute, it was not cold any longer. Everyone was cheering and laughing and crying. We watched as bus after bus passed us and Lee had told us he was on the 4th bus. As the Marines walked down the road to be dismissed we looked and looked. I did not know where he would be as 6 busses had pulled in and he was at the front!! Christina spotted him first and all I could do was run in the direction he was walking!!! I frantically searched in a wave of people and then I saw him. I called after him and just as he went to turn around from the sound of my voice, there was Mattie right next to him. She hadnt noticed it was him unitl he turned around and they were instantly in each others arms!!!!
Of course the rest of us got our turns too!!!! WE are so happy to have Lee Home!!!

San Diego.... Here we come

Our trip to San Diego and Waiting for Lee to arrive>......
It was a long trip/ especially for Joe, the driver!!!
They had a room decorated and lots of refreshments for the waiting families

Even Becca was an American on this day!!!
WE met Christina on Campus in San Diego and she went to Camp Pendleton with us.

Happy Easter

The kids are the best. They make Easter fun for me. The Grandbabies were not here this year for Easter but by next year they will be running around looking for Easter Treats and it will be so much fun to have an Easter Hunt for them.

Happy Birthday to Becca/ Happy Easter

Beccas birthday and Easter have always been close to each other. Her First Birthday was actually on Easter Sunday. She had some friends over and they all spent the night and were just silly girls. They had a lot of fun. Rachel also came over. WE love Rachel and love for her to come over. We are so happy that she has kept us as a part of her life!!!

Easter was fun this year. WE do not have the pitter patter of little feet in the morning waking early to discover what the Easter Bunny left during the night but he kids are kind to their mom and still search for the Easter Basket so nostalgically left for them. Thanks kids.... I love you!!!

Family Gatherings

Conference Weekend was a good one. We had a great time as a family and went to the Little League field to play some ball. It was windy and cold but we had fun anyhow!!! Thats just the way we do it! Becca found it necessary to hit everyone in the face with something. First is was me, with the Ball then it was Becca, Starfox, with the ball. Notice the big owie on her chin. Of course Becca was quite sorry and felt bad after laughing her head off. We love you Becca

Becca with her wound from Becca

Jacob, no really!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 14th

Lee will be home on April 14th.... We are so excited to see him.

Lee is Coming Home

I can not express the Joy that I feel to know that my son is going to be home and that he is safe!

Here are some pictures that Lee sent to Mattie and she forwarded to me. We can hardly wait for Lee to get home and give him some warm hugs and kisses. We have missed him!!

Lee with Iraqi child

I feel honored to have a Marine son who has served our country with such determination and dignity. I am excited for him to come home and teach us all that he has learned while being in Iraq. I am sure that we will see a side of the world that is unknown to us through his eyes. He will be home sometime between April 14 and the 18th. We are planning a trip to Camp Pendelton CA as soon as we get the date. Then he will have a leave and will get to come home and spend some time here with us. We can not wait to see him. We love you Lee