Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby on a zip line

Adam had this great idea to put the baby swing on the Zip line and Zip Brookelyn down it!!!
She really did like it!
How many 7 month old babies do you know that have been on a zip line!?

Jannas family came over and watched the fireworks with us and had fun playing with all the grandbabies. We are so glad they came over and spent time with us. We also all watched the parade together and it was so nice. It is nice to be able to take family traditions and blend them so we can all enjoy one anothers company!

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  1. Oh, that was so much fun! Brookelyn loved it, although i think emma and elias loved it more! Thank you so much for having us. I wish we could of been there for the sprinkler party... brookelyn would of loved that.


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