Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Long Enough

Okay, well it had been a few months since we had been to the hospital and someone thought we needed to go again!!! Thursday night during cheer practice Becca encountered a stunt gone wrong! Now she has a broken nose to sport around and she is starting to bruise. Her nose swelled so quickly that her skin started to split on the outside from the swelling! At least she won't have to wear makeup for a while, there is always a plus side to all things! She will see the ENT sometime this week and we will find out if she will need surgery. In the mean time, life goes on!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

She is a precious witch!
A little blurry but a great group of trick or treaters!!!

Jacob and Michael!


Getting ready for school! Michael took first place for his girl costume!!

The weekend was the best. First we went to the Football game on Friday night. SL vs Payson and we won... so now we are in the play offs. Whoo hooo!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to go to Tempe for the Diabetes walk. It was a super event and we had so many people there that we love. Janna has those pictures! I will get them and post them also. Saturday night was Halloween and we got to go trunk or treating with the grandbabies!!! That was way fun and we even were able to have Rachel walk with us and go trunk or treating! The pictures turned out a little blurry because the shutter had to stay open a while since it was dark. I can only hold still for so long!!! haha