Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lee and Mattie are Getting Married

It is official. Lee and Mattie are getting Married. The wedding date is June 20th, 2009. The wedding is going to be in California on the beach. It is going to be so very pretty!!! I am so happy to have Mattie as a part of our family. We have had the opportunity to spend much time iwth her while Lee was away in Iraq and she has become a part of our family already and I have grown to love her so much! She is a beautiful lady inside and out and I am proud to have her as my daughter.

We had everyone over for a bbq and had a great time just hanging out and making wedding plans.......


  1. congrats on the beautiful new member of your family and especially on having your son back home!! you have an AWESOME family!

  2. Congradulations to both Lee and Mattie, and once again Welcome home Lee!


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