Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lee is Home!!

We traveled to Camp Pendelton on Tuesday, April 14th to Welcome Lee home and it was wonderful!! WE left from Adam and Jannas house after spending Monday night with them. They are always so good about letting us have a place to stay when we need one. It made our trip to San Diego so much nicer by being able to split up our driving time from Show Low. When we arrived in San Diego, we went shopping for a prom dress for Becca/ We were there little early so we took advantage of our time. I am sure she was the only one at prom with a dress from California!!! We got on base at Camp Pendleton about 7pm that night and I was so worried that we were going to miss Lee because Mattie had texted me and told me that the plan landed around 5:30, but we were far from missing him. We did not actually get to see him until late that night. WE all hung out just waiting for our family to come home and be with us. It seemed like an eternity and it was freezing outside, but once they announced that the busses were pulling on base and would be there any minute, it was not cold any longer. Everyone was cheering and laughing and crying. We watched as bus after bus passed us and Lee had told us he was on the 4th bus. As the Marines walked down the road to be dismissed we looked and looked. I did not know where he would be as 6 busses had pulled in and he was at the front!! Christina spotted him first and all I could do was run in the direction he was walking!!! I frantically searched in a wave of people and then I saw him. I called after him and just as he went to turn around from the sound of my voice, there was Mattie right next to him. She hadnt noticed it was him unitl he turned around and they were instantly in each others arms!!!!
Of course the rest of us got our turns too!!!! WE are so happy to have Lee Home!!!

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