Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An update on the family

Wow, I lost my page!!! The family is doing great. Curtis has moved down to Tempe to attend ASU. He is living with his brother Adam and they are doing great. Adam and Janna are expecting and Janna is looking pregnant now. She is beautiful. Our little granddaughter has even let us feel her moving around. Nothing in life is better than being a mother.
Lee is leaving for Iraq in 6 days. We spent last weekend in San Diego with him and saying our good bye's for now. He will be gone for 7 months over there. Our hearts go with him. He is a good son and I love him so much for what he is doing. Remember, Be the Good Water!!!!
Melissa had her baby yesterday morning. Mommy and baby are doing well.
We have a new exchange daughter, Rebecca, from Norway and she is a lot of fun to have in our home!! We are enjoying her personality and sense of humor.
Becca is participating in varsity cheer and enjoying that. Our daughter in law, Shanlee, is her coach. Jacob made the varsity football team but then got ANOTHER concussion, so he is going to sit it out for this year and let his head heal. Michael is in 6th grade now and will always be his mothers little boy. He is so sweet to me. I am a blessed mother.
Things here in our community are slow, just like the rest of the country, but we are moving forward.
Summer was hectic. I had 2 surgeries that took their toll on my family and me a little, but things are back in the swing of normalacy and life is good!!!!
Til next time
We love you all!!!

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