Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend and Schools out!!!

Whew, It was a crazy end of the school year and weekend but we made it all work out with some flexibiltiy. Becca Graduated on Thursday night and had an all night lock in at the High School for a Senior party. Rachel also graduated on Thursday night as well as my neice Emily. WE had a lot of graduation ceremonies to attend and did the best we could.

Our "graduate"

We were missing Byntlee in the group picture. She thought that it was still Easter cuz Grandma left the Easter eggs out!!!!

We did not make it camping, but we did make it together with all of the family and that was the most important thing to do. Lee and Mattie came from San Diego and Adam and Janna came up from the valley. We spend almost all day Saturday working on the Wedding announcements for Lee and Mattie. Rachel came over the help us out and that was so nice to have an extra hand. They turned out beautiful!!!
Sunday, everyone was over for a BBQ and a small fire and smores. That was the best part!!! WE had the entire family here, well all except for Curtis, but we understand why he isn't here, and Que, he had to be at work. They were in our hearts though. Ryker was able to come over also and see all of his girl cousins. Lee jokingly said that someone needed to get busy so Ryker would have a boy cousin to hang out with but he did so good with everyone and was so happy. Byntlee and Ryker played cars and ball together and both of them shared really well. They were way too cute. It was good to have all of us together.

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  1. It was such a good weekend! I'm so sad it's over. Brookelyn is missing all the attention she was getting, especially now as I am studying for the NCLEX. See you tomorrow! Love ya !!!


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