Monday, September 22, 2008

Lee is in Iraq

I got a message from Mattie today letting me know she heard from Lee. He arrived safe and sound. Basically he said he is bored!!! I would rather he be bored than be in battle!!!!
I am sure everyone is concerned about the state of our nation, and our world. I believe there is more going on in our day and age at this time than there has been for a long time. Definitley in my life time and I would almost venture to believe I could say that applies for the last couple of generations. I know our grandparents had WWII to deal with and I know that was horrible and many sacrifices were made. History has a way of repeating its self!!! The kids and I were talking about this the other night. How very grateful I am for the people that are willing to sacrifice so that I can have the freedoms that I have had. So many people protest war. Dont get me wrong. I don't like war!!! I don't think anyone does. But, it was through war and battle that we have the freedoms we have. It was because of war fought and won, that we have the right to protest!!!! I am grateful to those who fought in the past and their families and to those who stand up for the right and fight today. It will be a sad day in the world when people turn their cheek and "don't get involved" when others are being brutalized and mistreated. What if we would have taken that stand in WWII against Hitler and just let him do what he wanted!!! Why do so many think that we should not stand up against terrorism when they hurt so many? I reiterate, I don't like war, noone does. But we have to stand up for the right, and you can not reason with unreasonable people!!!

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